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Stock Grips

Inside DiameterLengthWall ThicknessPart #MSRP ea.Price ea.PriceQty
.250" (red) - 2,600 / box3".150"C250$0.25$0.05$130.0046

Sanding & Finishing

Part #Size (dia.)TypeDescriptionMSRPPriceQty
3020K3"VELCRO®3" Bulldog Sanding Pad designed for Dynabrade sanders$17.96$3.0099
3335B3.5"PSABlack Vinyl Sanding Pad$20.00$4.0017
4434KM4"VELCRO®Sanding Pad With 8mm Hub$23.00$4.6012
5000K5"VELCRO®Bulldog Sanding Pad$23.83$4.75300
5000KM5"PSABulldog Sanding Pad With 8mm Hub$23.00$4.6029
6636KVR686"VELCRO®8 Hole Vacuum Sanding Pad$30.26$6.0026
6636PV86"PSA8 Hole Vacuum Post Surface Pad$24.68$4.9080
6636VR86"PSA8 Hole Ring & Groove$24.98$4.90195
6686RG68Y6"PSA6" Thick Yellow Sanding Pad$26.48$5.30384
8808SOPV8"PSAAlum. 8 Hole Vacuum 5 Hole Mount Snap On Pad$36.69$7.3080
8828SO8"PSAAlum. 5 Hole Mount Snap On Sanding Pad$23.00$4.6056
1405D5"PSADustless Block Handsander$28.39$5.6889
1405DK5"VELCRO®Dustless Block Handsander$31.11$6.2248
3050W5"CLIP ONWet Block$16.95$3.3933
3050WK5"CLIP ONWet Block Kit - includes wet sanding hose & valve assembly$26.95$5.3949
3099W9"CLIP ONWet Block$18.95$3.7916
66066"GLUE**Aluminum Backing, Fully Molded, Tapered Edge$18.99$3.80166