Eezer foam handle grips are designed to be installed with a minimum of time, effort and materials resulting in a snug, non-slip fit. In most cases no adhesive is required. These instructions will aid you in developing a quick and efficient installation technique.

Simple Installations:

Many installations require only that the grip be pushed onto the handle bar. Remember that pushing from the closed end of the grip enlarges the diameter and pulling the grip decreases the diameter. Pushing the grip into place is the proper procedure.

Difficult Installations:

For more difficult installations of grips of longer length, greater than usual stretch or traveling a distance over a bar or around corners to the area where needed, a couple of techniques may be of help to you.

  • Compressed air directed into the open end of the grip as it is pushed into place often works very well and is quite fast in production line situations.
  • If a lubricant is required, Rubbing Alcohol – 30% water/70% rubbing alcohol, sprayed as a mist and thoroughly coating the inside of the grip is the best material to use. The installer should wear a cotton glove to provide good friction between his/her hand and the grip. Allow 24-48 hours for the alcohol to dissipate and a tight installation. Some long grips may take up to 1 week to dry.
  • Another lubricant we have found to work very well is P80 Rubber Lubricant available from International Products (609) 386-8770.

More Difficult Installations:

For the toughest installations requiring a lot of stretch and positioning travel, heat the grip to a temperature of about 150-175° F. This can be done in a clothes dryer at normal operating temperatures in about 5 minutes. An oven or heat lamp might also be used. Now use the rubbing alcohol as described above.

Additional Suggestions:

  • Do not use soapy water as a lubricant. The water will not evaporate and you will end up with a loose grip.
  • Compatible adhesives: Hair Spray, Cyanoacrylate, Tesa Tape #4965.

If you have any questions please contact us.


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