Unique Shock Absorption Properties

Eezer Foam’s unique cellular outer section with a solid inner surface provide structural integrity with superior shock absorption while preventing splitting and cracking, ensuring a secure non-slip installation.

UV & Chemical Resistant

Eezer Foam is a unique PVC vinyl closed-cell foam of unequaled durability and comfort. Non-absorbant; dirt and oils can be easily washed away. Eezer foam is unaffected by most solvents and chemicals, is highly UV resistant and is available in anti-static compound.

Custom Grip Manufacturing

Eezer Foam is custom manufactured to your specifications. Stock mandrel sizes 5/32" to 2.7" diameter and lengths to 21". Custom tooling at a fraction of injection molding tooling cost. Stock grip sizes for small volume prototype and production runs are available for immediate delivery

Medical / Institutional

Unmatched Quality & Durability

Eezer Foam grips are manufactured through a patented proprietary process using our unique Eezer foam. As a result, Eezer grips are unmatched for quality, durability and molding flexibility.

Non -Slip & Adverse Conditions

Eezer  Foam's velvet smooth surface is non-slip under adverse conditions and improves with use. Eezer foam is a high density shock absorber and insulator with unequaled abrasion resistance

Color Availability

Eezer Foam is available is virually any color to match your application. Color does not adversely effect the performance of hte grip. Minimum orders required.

Sizes Available For Immediate Shipment

Eezer Products is pleased to offer a selection of Eezer Foam Handle Grips in stock sizes for immediate shipment. This selection is designed to be used for replacement grips on hand tools, shop tools, hand trucks, brooms, shovels, prototypes, and pre-production sample runs. Installation instructions will be included with your order.

Grip Installation